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Cotton oil press

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Our Oil Machine is appropriate for many oil bearing materials, such as: peanut, soybean, sunflower, rape seed, corn, coconut, olive, etc. all kinds of oil bearing materials in plant. Furthermore, our Oil Machine can be used for cold pressing and hot pressing. Also our Oil Machine is suitable both for family use and large plant. Structures of cotton oil press : This series of unit is mainly composed of automatic control section ,heat pressing part, adjustment part, transmission part and vacuum filter oil five major components; 1. The automatic control part by air switch, ac contactor, automatic temperature control instrument, circuit protection devices. Etc; 2. Heat squeeze by a heater, squeezer, pressing bar and body assembly, etc; 3. Transmission by the main shaft and the wheel reducer, pulley, motor, etc; 4.part adjustment by the adjusting screw, the adjusting nut, handle, lock nut, etc 5. Vacuum oil filter consists of a vacuum pump, filter oil pipeline assembly. Main features of cotton oil press : 1. High oil yield (the rate of the outlet oil >93%),residual oil of the Cake is less,crude oil is clearer. 2.The machines material is better, the accssories are wear resistance and long service life after quenching conditioning treatment. 3.Convenient adjustment and easy to operate. 4.The gearbox's gears adopt the special helical & couping gear's design, with the lower load, less consumption and low noise. The 6YL series Oil Machine are advanced oilseed processing machine, characterized by their high oil output rate, good quality, simple design. Furthermore, it is easy to use and operation is continuous. This series Oil Machine can be used to process various oil seeds, such as peanut, beans, rape and cotton seeds, sesame, olive, sunflower, coconut, grass seed etc. This kind of Oil Machine is composed of feeder, gearbox, pressing cage, screw shaft and machine stand etc. It has better results to press soybean and cotton seeds. It utilizes the screw shaft that is set-up with different styles of screws and rotates when machine is running to push the material into chamber. Then the oil is separated out through the extrusion of pressing worm and pressing ring.

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