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Press equipment in use precautions

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oil mill equipment generally by means of mechanical force action, embryos treated material from the hopper into the virgin bore. In the next rotation of the pressing screw thread, and gradually feed end to the cake side direction forward. So that the volume of each segment within the virgin bore gradually reduced, then pressing screw thread continuously push the embryo virgin material breech, so after pushing the product before resistive pressure, compressed material embryo, the oil squeezed out, the following understanding press some notes equipment normally used. Before using the press equipment, first check and adjust the tightness of the belt, and then start the motor, the machine idling about 15min, speed check pressing screw shaft. Do you want to pay attention to when idling gear box gear meshing and sound normal, whether each bearing parts and motor properly. After the no-load properly, the fuel ready to put into the hopper. Note: When you press the feed can not start too fast, otherwise the sudden increase in pressure within the chamber squeezed, squeezed not turn the screw shaft, causing blockage virgin bore, and even squeeze cage rupture, so repeatedly, for 3 hours or more, so that pressing oil-temperature gradually increased, starting squeezing juice bore temperature is low, slowly twist the handle on the withered section stud, increase the cake thickness, while improving water into juice billet to be squeezed bore temperature. Rose to about 90 ℃, after press the normal operation, the cake thickness can be adjusted to 1.5 ~ 2.5mm, and tighten the nut tightened. After the press equipment functioning, high oil content of oil out of the oil mostly concentrated squeeze in a round of rows and rows of the former group, more diesel oil can be uniformly doped material embryos. To maintain uniformity when cutting,, otherwise it will affect the life of the oil yield and oil press. During operation should always check out the press cake case, the normal of cake should be flaky, by pressing screw shaft side smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern. Such as the cake loose weakness, or a cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating little billet water, such as a cake weak, increasing larger flake, or the oil bubble, Minga said that too much water. Under normal circumstances, no residue between the rows or circles rarely slag, slag in place of discharge, such as slag was fine flaky Description more water, the powder residue then the less moisture.

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