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The Xinfeng oil equipment actively stocking

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Nearly a year, my company grease equipment sales are coming to an end, but our still in the active stocking, because according to the previous condition, after the new year will be equipment during times of peak demand, not to say that a year in spring? Investment in oil equipment or years ago, plans to make oil to come to consult customers will be in action at this time, it can be said that after the demand for oil equipment will be a year of relatively high period.
In order to ensure that equipment supply, our will in the workshop by a certain number of machines, because it is the spring of the year, do point equipment are not afraid of inventory, which not only because we have a rich channels, but because our equipment and below oil company equipment advantage to everyone are introduced;
1; the machine is high in oil, whether it is sesame or soybean, compared to the same kind of most machines are better than the oil.
2; multiple detection, strict production, to ensure the quality of grease equipment and reliable operation and safety.
3; the appearance of the new design, easy to use and convenient operation, power saving, environmental protection and green edible oil strong producer.

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