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City Square crushing equipment requirements for press

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Urbanization oil extraction press equipment performance requirements for higher oil yield first press not only to high failure rate is lower; parts of the oil should be focused, do not appear splash phenomenon; noise to be small, can not affect the consumer those shopping; smoke to be small, to ensure that the shopping environment and health; beautiful appearance, which will help clean up; small footprint, saving rent and expenses. Strong oil processing capacity, high oil quality; Xinfeng oil press machinery had always been based on these two considerations, in accordance with the above requirements, targeted research and development.
First, a successful business model is successful grab consumer psychology! Now the country for more emphasis on food safety, since the beginning of Sanlu incident, the food industry on the waves continued, later Mengniu event, including several recent international brands, including milk collective quality problems, as well as the two giants of domestic ham Shuanghui and gongs quality problems arise illustrates a problem: what big business is not necessarily reassuring! A domestic experts have pointed out that most oil companies in the cooking oil production, the use of national policy loopholes, the title refers to pure oil ratio does not exceed 10%. This is the price gap between the huge reason why the various oils, leaving people confused is preceded by a variety of health effects of oil, such as fish oil, in fact, the proportion of fish oil was less than four percent. All varieties of pure oil itself has a very good health, much better than the so-called health effects of cooking oil, not to mention a large oil companies have emerged cooking oil incident, even though they do not recognize, whether people can buy is the most important! Therefore, we must allow consumers to understand the waste oil, oil of gene transfer hazard, know all kinds of pure oil itself has any side effects without good health, with the "conscience" to do the oil, ensure the quality of the oil is to ensure the quality of people! Through their own efforts, as big as a small workshop!

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