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Impact of oil press oil yield factor

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When using the oil extraction-oil press machinery what factors restrict the rate of peanut oil it? How to press oil yield with press equipment performance and configuration and process principle has closely relationship. What factors affect the oil yield it? The following press manufacturers - Xinfeng for everyone to do some simple analysis. First, raw peanuts to be absolutely dry, Featured. Peanuts should be dried before pressing, cleaning. Many users will ignore this essential pretreatment process. As everyone knows, not through a selection of raw peanut oil will not only greatly reduce the rate, but also accelerate the wear of the machine. Secondly, the press is good or bad for peanut oil yield also has a crucial influence. From the press itself stresses, mainly relying on pressure and squeeze juice tang screw temperature. 6 cryogenic press manufacturers ramp design principles teeth cooperating with straight teeth, making peanut press is no longer so difficult. Again, the high rate of residual oil cake. Engaged in oil extraction work friends all know that if the cake is too thick, cake in oil content is too high will directly reduce the rate of peanut oil. How to control the rate of residual oil cake and cake thickness becomes a problem of concern to many working families. Xinfeng press manufacturers from the customer perspective, and actively improve the development of new varieties, the launch of six series presses microcomputer control, no material automatic alarm, automatic pause material full upgrade, automatically clean dust and impurities, once set without human care, press with automatic upgrade. Is a leader in the industry.

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