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Xinfeng press for what services you offer

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Xinfeng oil pressing manufacturers in order to better serve customers, build a sales network throughout the country and more than 100 professional service network covering the whole country towns. After more than ten years of development, press equipment purchase Acres benefits individuals, business units covering 28 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide. China has occupied half of small and medium sized oil press market, is a veritable medium and small press-known brands. All this was beneficial to establish a conducive Acres nationwide sales network and after-sales service network, greatly facilitate the majority of customers visit nearby and choose for their own models. Service quality is fundamental for the survival and development. In order to comprehensively improve service quality, strengthen service management, Xinfeng proposed seven-star overall quality management objectives in 2004, the "all user-centric" core guiding ideology, as a service guidelines. To purchase a successful one as the service work objectives, the worry about the user, the user would like to think, for our customers peace of mind! Xinfeng long-term production and supply of all kinds of press parts. To allow users to purchase a variety of press parts nearby, Xinfeng direct sales offices in the country are equipped with parts supply place, just as you a call, we will be able to promptly and accurately through various logistics channels will you need parts sent to your place. To make oil press machinery users to achieve the best results, we recommend users to buy Xinfeng original production of accessories. In order to timely provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical guidance, we are responsible for the timely installation and commissioning of equipment to help you spot the church you use the device and pressing techniques. Equipment year warranty and lifetime maintenance. Xinfeng ensure ready to provide you with services for your business escort.

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