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How to distinguish the level of oil pressing?

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The level of  oil pressing there are several,  Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co., ltd manufacturer thinks oil pressing level there are two main squeeze. Press mainly depends on the length of the machine, the more general long oil press level is big.

So how to distinguish the level of oil pressing? 

1. Level two oil pressing: there is only one high round row (wide round row), two pressure points;

2 .Level threeoil pressing: two high pressure exhausting (wide exhausting), three pressure points.

3 .Level Four oil pressing: three high pressure exhausting (wide exhausting), four pressure points.

Now on the market to buy the main screw press and the pressing device has simple and convenient operation, continuous large capacity, high oil yield, energy saving, pure oil, small area, low investment.


The most favorable oil mill equipment :


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