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The main player of edible oil mill market

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The design of oil expeller is such that its speed is adjusted automatically depending upon the capacity being processed by means of level controllers coupled with variable frequency drive to its motor.

The oil extractor chamber consists of a number of solvent sprayers which in uniform, sprays the solvent over the entire bed of raw material. The length and breadth is designed to give sufficient time for intimate contact, penetration and percolation of solvent into raw material. The Extractor is also designed with light and sight viewing glasses to view the spray distribution.

The material coming out of the spraying chamber is de-oiled material with solvent which is to be recovered in the Desolventising section where it is transported by means of a special Oil Solvent Seal Conveyor . The mixture of the oil and solvent called “Miscella” is collected in the Miscella tank from where it is pumped to distillation section.


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