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Oil pressing equipment, how to operate ?

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The oil pressing process is consist of prepressing , leaching(extracting ) and refinery. Essential oil equippent have oil press machine ,edible oil extraction machine .DTDC.refining pot ,degumming pot etc. After this process, you will get cooking oil and meal. At present, Four grade of edible oil is availbale , and different oil grade have different requirement for quality and machines. Our products are edible oil press machine, edible oil extraction machine with solvent and edible oil refining machine. We can supply semi-continuous oil press equipment for 2-30T/D and the continutiy sets of oil equipment for 30-3000T/D.By the customers requirement we can provide cooking oil press machine,cooking oil extractor or cooking oil refinery only. Any part of this edible oil producing line can be provided by us.

Advantage of Screw oil expeller press machine

(1) Simple design, small volume and light weight, easy to handle and move.

(2) Easy for operating, low labour intensity and high economical profit.


Why First can rule oil mill equipment ? :

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