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Improving supply and demand for oil mill

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The oil pressing is available  as per customers' requirements. Each oil press  is subjected to rigorous simulation through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) design testing before manufacturing.

a.Stress testing software for structural rigidity is utilized to ensure each press to meet demanding standards. High capacity press is preferred in  Frame structure.

b. Advanced and systemized Taiwan hydraulic system, integrated cartridge valve oil circuit allow little fault, low noise level, minor reversing impact but high reliability.

c. Eight sides of brass guide rails of full stroke length not only ensure high accuracy but also allow easy adjustment of slide leveling.

d. The press is well equipped with safety devices as per CE standards, like two sides locking device and CE Mark light curtain protection sensors. Mitsubishi PLC and 7 / 10 inch Taiwan Weinview touch screen make the machine easy for operation and specification adjustable.

e.Compression molding press is equipped with advanced technique of adjustable air breathing system. The slow opening after the curing point helps in avoiding jerk movement.

f.The oil press is featured by slow decompression to eliminate hydraulic shock, RAM pre-fill system with side cylinders for fast closing speed and proportional valving for controlling closing speed and compression rate.

g. Each oil press is manufactured under strict quality control management with good quality components from France, Japan, Germany, USA and Taiwan to assure the best performance and accuracy.


Health Benefits of oil expeller :


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