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Oil mill security meeting question

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Oil mill is small, low pressure, low oil yield efficiency, and after pressing oil is very turbid, must precipitation to eat for many days.This phenomenon is very difficult to hold out for long time, a number of grain and oil industry insiders believe that domestic oil press industry maybe just a flash in the pan of the industry.From edible oil processing industry development trend, it should be to scale development to benefit.Small and workshop-style processing not only unprofessional, and unsafe, apparently tide flow, not achieved great development."This kind of machine, oil yield efficiency is too low, it is waste of raw materials."The personage inside course of study says, difficult to form industry home oil press.

In recent years, the people is more and more attention for edible oil safety .Some white-collar consumer with leading concept, put the domestic oil mill visit family and friends as a gift.However, unlike ordinary consumers point view different, most of the grain and oil industry professionals think that expeller oil at home with home oil press, just make a concept, "actually very unreliable '. So choosing a high quality oil mill is important.


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