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Method of removing insoluble impurities oil equipment

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Nowadays, the method of removing insoluble impurities oil mill equipment are:

First, a filtration method, which is to make the oil by oil processing equipment filtration equipment, oil insoluble impurities filtered out, which is now refining equipment in the most common method, specific to the device is the frame filter and bag filter two.

Second is the sedimentation method, which oil is to stand, and the insoluble impurities settling in the end portion, to achieve the purpose of removal. In the actual production, in order to improve the efficiency of the effect of the settlement, it will use the gravitational settling of ways to increase the gravity high efficiency removal.

Third,grease removal of insoluble impurities is to use centrifuges to filter, this approach uses a centrifugal effect, so that the grease through the centrifuge, the insoluble impurities separated by a strong centrifugal force. In this way remove grease insoluble impurities in oil processing equipment is also used, but not common.

One body design Rapeseed oil mill equipment :

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