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Several categories of edible oil adulteration

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Oil mill equipment: edible oil adulteration divided into several categories of cases?

Adulterated oil can be divided into two types: one is the cheap cooking oil, or water seepage, rice, etc., such as sesame oil, cottonseed oil incorporation of expensive oil, butter, lard incorporated incorporated, edible vegetable oil mixed with water or rice; while the other is in the non-edible oils, such as tung oil, green oil incorporated, such as edible oils due to mistakenly mixed with non-doped, but also by those belonging to individual violent intentional adulteration who is seeking a non-discharge. Due to the non-edible oil that can harm the human body, so that more tests need to be carefully identified.

There are many online oil identification method, so we buy oil when you can detect it, so as to ensure their buy edible oil adulteration, but also to a large degree we avoid the intake of harmful substances.

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