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Specific introduction of oil extraction equipment

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Tank type oil extraction equipment can be of rapeseed, soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, peanut and so on all oil crude extract after the meal extract oil, with stable performance, advanced technology, small equipment investment, quick effect, low energy consumption, suitable for urban and rural individual and township enterprise mill use.

Tank group type extractor is suitable for small tonnage oil processing, the choice depends on their own needs to decide.

When driving the tank group, the attention matters:

1. First of all the pre-pressing cake by auger into leaching plant, the bucket elevator rise to auger. Then enter the tilt of the deposit boxes, or directly into the leaching tank, in order to shorten the charging time of leaching tank.

2. Open the upper cover of the leaching tank, fill up the material, and then seal the upper cover tightly.

3. Start fresh solvent, first open the solvent pump and the valves extracted from the solvent turnover tank, open the steam valve, the steam enters the solvent preheater heating. Solvent temperature reaches 45 to 50 DEG C, and then through the spray tube into the leaching tank, fill date. Solvent exceeds a flat cake 20-50 mm) open free gas valve normal immersion.

4. Soaking time for 10-15 minutes. Mixed pump pump tank collected from under the leaching tank into the tank cycle 5 minutes or pumped directly into No. 2 leaching tank solvent oil so far, such as the lack of solvent with addition of fresh solvent oil.

5. In No. 2 leaching tank to soak 15-20 minutes, the mixed oil in tank No.3 soak, soak for 10-15 minutes, then mixed oil in No. 4 tank soak for 10 minutes, mixed oil circulation 3-4 times, such as mixed oil concentration is not enough, mixed into the oil temporary storage tank circulation use, followed by analogy.

6. The leaching tank below collected mixed oil tank by the filter, pump into the mixed oil storage tank in standing, at the same time, the concentration of 6 degrees of beryllium 'salt from the salt water tank and pump into the mixed oil temporary storage tank, in a tank with salt precipitation of fine crumbs

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