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How to identify whether adulterated sesame oil

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Sesame oil is a diet we need to use spices in oil prices which is relatively expensive, a lot of bad businesses in order to increase profits, something else will be doped in sesame oil, so we went to the market to buy later sesame oil they must keep their eyes open, ability to identify the authenticity of the method, the following follow extraction equipment to learn more about discern whether sesame oil adulteration approach.
See color method
Pure sesame oil extraction equipment introduced pale red or red with yellow, sesame oil slightly darker red brown transparent oily liquid, sesame oil if the incorporation of other oil, the color change. If the incorporation of other vegetable oils are dark yellow or yellow, mixed with rice soup-like substances, sesame oil is cloudy blurred, and sediment.
Water test method
A drop of sesame oil with chopsticks dipped, the clear drop in the water, pure sesame oil will appear colorless and transparent thin large oil slick, and has a strong scent of sesame oil, and sesame oil adulteration will appear thicker small oil slick, oil spend short duration, sesame oil flavor and light taste other oils.
Cooling method
Sesame oil extraction equipment will be noted in the refrigerator, freezer at -10 ℃ observe pure sesame oil remains liquid at this temperature, adulterated sesame oil starts to solidify at -10 ℃ when.
The sesame oil is poured into a test tube, forced oscillation, if not sparkling or only a small amount from the foam, and soon disappeared, this relatively pure sesame oil.


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