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Advantages Xinfeng oil extraction machinery and equipment

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1, automatic heating, mechanical and electrical integration, Xinfeng oil pressing press equipped with a new generation of unique automatic heating systems, electronic program control, infrared heating synchronization of different crops, different heating can be automatically improve the speed and efficiency of the press .
2, press equipment, reasonable design, integration virgin halls slot design is unreasonable, resulting in completely out of fuel, many have been wasted. Such new domestic oil press machine virgin Church conducted a thorough transformation, unique groove design, easier oil outflow from the hardware to further improve the oil yield.
3, efficient and refined into account, oil is pure, the brand using a variety of fine filtration system device, to achieve a real sense of pressing one filter to improve the degree of automation press, completely solve the problem of oil purification.
4, the production of large, efficient operations, a new generation of Zhengzhou Xinfeng press press adjust the feeding system, create technical innovations made oil extraction in the screw feed significantly faster, production volume increased significantly.
5, durable, reliable, high-quality steel and castings matched to meet the long-term continuous production of mechanical quality requirements, stable performance, service life of up to 30 years. Only creative mind, Xinfeng press manufacturers press revolutionized the oil filter system for a single, oil filter press system does not match, the system does not match the oil filter oil filter and oil crop performance resulting in the ability to press can not achieve efficient oil filter, oil purification technical problems, is the most technologically advanced press equipment. The brand press break new ground with their own advantages for entrepreneurs and investors!

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