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Xinfeng oil machine, gives you a different life

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With the progress of society, food supplies secure ask endless questions exposure for our daily lives, cooking oil does not seem safe. In particular, issues related to the waste oil is increasing, housewives who are in pursuit of the emergence of a healthy oil life. Does not contain any chemical solvents, and then fully retains nutrients plants and authentic, rich flavor, pure taste, color crystal, purely a "green, natural, nutrition, healthy oil", has gradually become a major life one article, this is a new life to try to bring people Xinfeng oil pressing. Press a wide range of Xinfeng press, adapt all oil crops, can be used for crushing rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, tung seed and other oil. And because Xinfeng oil expeller compact design, easy installation, using three pressing and vacuum filtration system, thus greatly improving the quality of oil, to ensure that the taste is pure, authentic. For either eat at home or prepare to open their own oil mill crushing people who, Xinfeng oil pressing is a good choice. Processing, services, urban and rural areas as long as there is space, you can opened for the public oil, rich have something to look forward. Xinfeng press can while doing farm work, while helping folks press, neither lost the farm, you can also make money, either two into account, then do not hard working outside the home to make money while enjoying the happiness with your family happy! Meanwhile, Xinfeng press virgin oil refining integration ensures pure, in line with national health and quarantine standards. Health is a blessing, and only a strong physique to fun and enjoy life, to love him, to give him the best security edible oil. Want to start, give yourself a rich oil press, select Xinfeng, give his life a satisfactory answer.

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