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Xinfeng press after the purchase, which has several business

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1, purchase materials, use of existing availability, the introduction of oil pressing, the acquisition of various oil, processed sell and earn huge profits the difference.
2, squeezed and sold, the Xinfeng oil press machinery placed on the markets, downtown, supermarket door, non-staple food granaries or resident gathering area and other locations on-site crushing. This mode of operation fresh health, authentic, seductive scent, no chemical agent that allows customers to witness the whole process of oil extraction of oil, field sales volume to worry about big business customers.
3, processing, processing fees charged in oilseeds growing regions, the average user will be planting more than a lot of oil crops. You let him participate directly in the entire machining process, so that the whole process to see real, he felt very at ease, you just collect fees on the line, this is a safe way of doing business.
4, offering small and medium sized oil and grease plant, build their own brands, the use of existing plants, oil extraction who purchase a full set of production equipment Xinfeng run small and medium sized oil and grease plant, build their own brands. Not only can increase revenue, the key is to make an inventory of the enterprise on assets, employment and other aspects of the problem. Xinfeng press guide you through the process.
5, brand oil outlets, to create their own brand of pure pressed oil, broad market prospects. Supermarkets, homes, schools, factories, restaurants, markets, small shops, grain companies and dealers, and so can be sold.
6, oil cake direct, oil is also a popular commodity to worry about the rest of the scrap sales, feed mills, factory farming, food plants, pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants necessities. Conditional also be deep-processing, utilization of food processing machinery for sale.
7, opened a small supermarket store oil mill or oil, wholesale and retail can be, Xinfeng after long-term practical exploration, has set up a complete set of small supermarket store oil mill or oil solution. You can start for those who purchase a small supermarket store oil mill or oil, to provide a unified trademark, oil quality reports, uniform clothing, store signs unified design, unified service terms, unified propaganda exhibition stands and posters and so on. You can take advantage of the benefits of the brand benefit Acres, with strong advertising support Acres benefits to achieve zero-risk investment, truly purchase a successful one, sensational side.

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